About UGWA

Discover a reservoir of resources for underground water business, conservation, and connection.



UGWA helps to promote the responsible development, management, and use of water through education.



We are a community of groundwater professionals working together to advance groundwater knowledge and our members' successes through education and outreach; advocacy; cooperation and information exchange; and enhancement of professional practices.



To further educate the members and the public as to the proper use of our limited resource. We monitor and react to the constantly changing political and environmental climate surrounding the water industry in our local, regional, and national communities.

This is UGWA

A VOICE: The UGWA is made up of a group of highly specialized, experienced professionals that truly understand the Ground Water Industry. Together we stand united with a compelling voice during the legislature of ground water issues that can and will affect our industry. With our combined knowledge of the Ground Water Industry, we make up a voice that can and will be heard.

AN EDGE: By attending our annual Conference and Expo, you will have the opportunity not only to discuss the industry, but you will learn the latest techniques and available products throughout the many displaying vendor booths that are set up. From Drilling, Grouting, Pump Installation and Troubleshooting, Controls, Engineering, and Geological Information, you will be able to inform and equip yourself with the tools needed to keep you on the cutting edge of the Ground Water Industry.

AN EDUCATION: Here in the great state of Utah, there are a vast number of licensed well drillers, and pump installers that primarily make up the UGWA. Each year the UGWA provides several opportunities to attend classes and to earn the required CEU credits required by the state of Utah to be licensed. These classes are taught by qualified, knowledgeable instructors that teach an array of subjects about the Ground Water Industry. Education is not just another way to keep your license current but will provide you with the necessary tools you need to be a competitive leader in your industry.

A TEAM: Drillers, Pump Installers, Geologists, Engineers, Manufacturers, and Suppliers, all combined make up a very specialized group of individuals. Highly experienced and knowledgeable in their trades, these individuals are what make the UGWA the most valued Team of experts in the Ground Water Industry.

As a member of the UGWA, you will have many opportunities to network with other members, share ideas, techniques, and in some cases, even equipment. To build friendships that will last a lifetime and relationships that will ensure a strong and stable future for your business and interests in the Ground Water Industry here in the Great State of Utah.

Key Statistics*

  • Extraction

    For over 30 years, Groundwater is the world’s most extracted raw material with withdrawal rates currently in the estimated range of 982 km3 /year. [1]

  • Agriculture

    About 70% of groundwater withdrawn worldwide is used for agriculture. [2]

  • Drinking Water

    Groundwater provides almost half of all drinking water worldwide. [3]

  • Irrigation

    Globally, about 38% of irrigated lands are equipped for irrigation with groundwater. [4]

  • Total Volume

    The total volume of groundwater in the upper 2 km of the Earth’s continental crust (not inclusive of high-latitude North America or Asia) is approximately 22.6 million km3 , of which 0.1 million km3 to 5.0 million km3 is less than 50 years old (judged as “modern” or recently recharged). [5]

  • Modern Groundwater

    The volume of modern groundwater is equivalent to a body of water with a depth of about 3 m spread over the continents. [6]

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UGWA membership costs $60 per year and is valid for one person. Many organizations in our community buy membership for several or all of their team members. The Utah Ground Water Association is affiliated with the National Ground Water Association and the Mountain States Ground Water Association. Click here to learn more!