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Crisis Fund For UGWA

Crisis Fund

The UGWA Crisis Fund provides financial assistance to members of the UGWA who have been adversely affected by accident, illness, financial difficulty, and recent natural disasters. This program is generously funded by our membership. All funds donated are strictly voluntary and are greatly appreciated. For more information contact Colette at

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The UGWA Crisis Fund provides relief and support for those in need. Everyone runs into a hardship once in a while; whether it be experiencing the grief at losing a loved one to death, or if a job loss has made it hard to pay all of your utilities. UGWA can provide simple gestures of solidarity such as flowers and condolences, or emergency money that can be used for an insurance deductible or the power bill.


Submit a request for charitable giving

Fallen on hard times? Lost a loved one? This charitable fund provides quick assistance to those in need. If you are a member of the Utah Ground Water Association and know of a way we can support an individual or family in need, please fill out the form below! If you have questions about eligibility or a particular situation, please call our office at (801) 541-7259.

Crisis Fund
Please describe the recipient's need, and how best we can support them. Describe the circumstances, and how much support is being requested on their behalf, and any other details you would like to be used to help make a decision.
Recipient's Mailing Address *
Recipient's Mailing Address

Crisis Fund Eligibility and Rules

A sponsoring UGWA member has been in good standing for a minimum of two (2) consecutive years before application;
Can make a crisis fund request for themselves, their spouse, child or grandchild; friend or other family members.

Submit the online above, including the sponsor's name, email and phone number, request description, and contact information including name, email, phone number, and address of the recipient.

Crisis fund requests will be reviewed and approved by our board of directors. The crisis award will be given on a case by case basis and the amount given will be determined by the need of the recipient and the availability of resources. All awards will be made by check payable to the recipient, or the recipient’s parent/guardians.